Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Perth: Secrets Revealed

Glass pool fencing has steadily been increasing in popularity over the past few years. It undoubtedly brings out some creative flavor and pizzazz to the someone’s yard on top of serving a very practical purpose. The fact that there are no visible clunky large iron bars or wooden beams means that the aesthetic value of the pool and its surrounding areas is laid bare for all to see and revel in its magnificence. Glass pool fencing however is not a particularly easy task to embark on and there are a few considerations one should make before embarking on the same.

Pool size: A larger pool comes with its own special considerations, some materials may not be suitable for large pools as their tensile strength may not be high enough so as to be laid out in large strips and boards. Additionally some materials may not be manufactured in large sizes thereby adding the cost considerations of buying several smaller pieces and joining them together

Do it yourself or contact a contractor: Do you want to go it alone or engage the services of a contractor, a contractor may appear to be somewhat expensive, but the lack of hassles and the surety of a job professionally done will often outweigh the slightly higher cost.

Fence purpose: Is the purpose of the fence to prevent toddlers or pets from accessing the pool or is purely aesthetic. The pool’s purpose will often determine things such as materials e.g. materials with sharp edges can’t be used where small children are involved.

Transparent-ness or opacity required: Do you want the fencing to be fully transparent, fully opaque or a compromise there in between. This will more often than not influence the price of the materials as well as the care that has to be taken when installing and mounting the fence.DIY pool fencing Perth offers excellent info on this.

Pool primary users: Who are the primary users of the pool, is it just you and your family or is the setup for a commercial venture like a hotel or spa. Domestic fencing will tend to be more practical than aesthetic while a hotel fence will tend to be the opposite with emphasis being put on the looks.

Government regulations: Are there any government standards or fencing regulations you need to worry about? Some governments may have regulations in place regarding fence height, distance from pool, electrical wiring etc.

Pool location: An indoor pool would have different considerations when compared to an outdoor one. Issues such as material to use, its reflectivity and how it reacts to sunlight vary for the two settings

Area climate: Is the area sunny, perennially cold or prone to sudden temperature fluctuations. Climate influences the materials chosen e.g. for varying climates you would want materials that can expand and contract effortlessly without breaking, brittle materials therefore are automatically disqualified.

The factors to consider are quite many, the ones listed above are just the most important to consider when installing glass pool fencing. Word of advice though, you are better off using a contractor rather than DIY.